• Dark Horse: An Eddy Harkness Novel (Eddy Harkness Novels)

    (as Rory Flynn)

    When a late-summer hurricane slams into Boston, Detective Eddy Harkness and his crew are thrown into the eye of a very different storm. Dark Horse, an especially deadly brand of heroin, is infiltrating the city – and only they can stop it.

    Dark Horse, the much-anticipated second novel in the Eddy Harkness series, delivers a whirlwind tale that takes Boston crime into thrilling new territory.

     “Rory Flynn is a terrific writer who knows how to spin a yarn with grit and confidence.”
    – Dennis Lehane

    “As stylish as Parker, as tough as Lehane.”
    – Hank Phillippi Ryan

    “Rich in character, riveting in storytelling and fierce in feeling, Dark Horse is both a crackling crime novel and a tough-yet- tender lovesong to a city.”
    – Megan Abbott

    “Flynn’s sharp eye for Boston – in sunshine and shadow – is matched only by his deep love of the city and its people.”
    – Wallace Stroby

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  • Third Rail: An Eddy Harkness Novel (Eddy Harkness Novels)

    (as Rory Flynn)

    A new wave of political corruption corrodes Boston. A seductive drug is killing the city’s best and brightest. Only Detective Eddy Harkness can stop it all. But he’s lost his gun, his reputation, everything. Dive deep into a gritty world of wronged heroes, corrupt politicians, and sinister kingpins, where your friends can’t be trusted, a sleepy town breeds deadly crimes, and nothing ever happens by accident.

     “A terrific debut…impressive, stylish, sophisticated. Readers will want to see more of Flynn’s gritty Boston – and of Eddy Harkness.”
    – Publishers Weekly (starred review) 

    “Things heat up and bodies turn up in this high-powered police thriller.”
    – Library Journal

    Third Rail is an adrenaline-soaked tale of political corruption and personal redemption that never lets up. Eddy Harkness, the self-destructive Massachusetts narcotics detective at the novel’s center, is a worthy successor to Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone.”
    – Sean Chercover, author of The Trinity Games

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  • Give + Take

    Ross Clifton is a brilliant jazz pianist—and an even more talented thief. He steals millions of dollars in diamonds and BMWs and gives all the money away. But his life as a latter-day Robin Hood is about to come to an abrupt end. Fast, funny, and felonious, Give + Take takes you on an economic shakedown cruise. Published as the first Concord Free Press novel, Give + Take is now out in commercial editions throughout the world.

    “Give + Take is a smart and original novel that flies from beginning to end. Its voice is both seductive and addictive. A real discovery.” – Richard Price

    “Fitch deftly juggles big questions about how to live your life with a page-turning plot that would be the envy of many conventional thriller writers.”
    - Doug Johnstone, The Scotsman

    “An epoch-defining parable.” The Washington Post

    “Wickedly funny, Give + Take is a virtuoso novel, one whose heart beats loudly and with its own beautifully idiosyncratic rhythms.” - Megan Abbott

    “It is pure wicked fun, falling in with the players and scammers of Give + Take.”
    - Jess Walter

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  • Printer's Devil

    Two warring guilds struggle to survive in a world where natural disaster has become commonplace. Picking up where A Clockwork Orange and On The Beach left off, Printer’s Devil searches for remnants of humanity in an extreme post-apocalyptic landscape. A fable in the spirit of Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians, Printer’s Devil is a meditation on power and its abuses that echoes with disturbing parallels to the present.

    “A wonderfully dark, dystopian tale set in a world where excessive consumerism has led to an environmental collapse.”
    - The Independent on Sunday

    “Compulsively readable but also incredibly thought-provoking, thrilling but also highly perceptive, this is everything a modern novel should be." - The List

    “A bleak and disturbing tale. Right from the opening torture scene you are knocked sideways and never really given the chance to recover."
    - Scott Pack, The Friday Project

    “With its abuses of power, violence, and its own language, Printer’s Devil naturally draws comparisons to A Clockwork Orange.” - Newham Recorder

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  • Senseless

    Senseless is a literary thriller about torture, guilt, and moral ambiguity. Critics have called it the most disturbing novel ever written. Eliott Gast, a middle-aged American economist, is abducted in Brussels by a shadowy anti-globalization group. He spends forty days in a white apartment, questioned and tortured by his captors, every moment broadcast on the Internet. His mind racing, Gast tries to explain why he is here, unearthing sins both small and large. Originally published in the U.S. days after the 9/11 attacks, Senseless is a cult classic that continues to resonate internationally and has been made into a UK feature film.

    “Startling in conception and disturbing in what it says about our times.”
    - J. M. Coetzee

    “Small like a stick of dynamite.” - Publishers Weekly

    “Kafka in overdrive.” - Cincinnati Enquirer

    “Combines the taut plotline of a made-for-TV thriller with the ruminations of a sophisticated literary novella.” - Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer

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  • Strategies for Success

    Strategies for Success traces the fall of Larkin Stride, who is trapped in an acquisitive, high-power life in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As his marriage, life, and career unravel, Larkin desperately reaches for any shred of meaning. Through Larkin’s downward spiral, Strategies for Success offers a wry, hilarious, and twisted take on conventional ideas of success.

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